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RGB PROVENCE was born from a common passion and love for the Rosé de Provence.


Our goal is to showcase “small” “artisanal” producers. We aim to bring their knowledge to the forefront, along with the science and the art of Rosé de Provence winemaking.

As opposed to the mass production and mass distribution of certain houses, we believe in the artistry and virtues that generations of winemakers have passed on. We also believe that quality, not quantity, should be the end result, and we are passionate about our quest.

Our expertise can be described as “our passion for this unique terroir”.

We want to respect it, tame it, and defend it! We would like to honor the wines and their producers with all the respect given to their environment.

Sometimes the best way to greet and connect with friends is to offer them a seat at your table.

The glass of Rosé you share is merely a vehicle to enhance heartwarming conversations and generosity of spirit.

We want to showcase the best of Provence. Our wines are delicate and bright with layered flavors of fresh red fruit, melon and citrus leading to a crisp and refreshing finish.

Close family friends for years, Patrick and Sylvain share a 40 year passion for Rosé.